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How to Form Partnerships: My Podcast Interview with Josh Wilson of Orlando Entrepreneurs Podcast

We enjoy working for business owners, but we also like to take time to coach, advocate, and advise entrepreneurs and the entrepreneurial-minded in the Central Florida community. Educating and supporting entrepreneurs at all stages of their professional journeys is important to us and is vital to maintaining the economic vitality of the region and of Orlando. We share that vision with Orlando Entrepreneurs, an up and coming network and resource hub.

To that end, a couple of weeks ago, I sat down with Josh Wilson, the host of the Orlando Entrepreneurs Podcast to talk about partnerships and why they are such an important aspect of an entrepreneur’s life. Whether you’re making your first foray into the business world or you’re a battle-hardened business veteran, you will learn a lot from our discussion that can help you improve your business. In particular, Josh asked some really insightful questions about whether the founders’ goals and vision for the company can influence the type of partnership arrangement and how best to avoid internal partnership disputes.

So, if you’re planning a co-founded business venture or even if you’ve already started one, make sure you know why forming a solid partnership is one of the best business decisions you’ll ever make! You can listen to the podcast audio below.

The episode aired on June 18th and is now available online, through iTunes, Stitcher, and Google Play.

How To Form Partnerships – Interview with Ed Alexander

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