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10 Business Killing Legal Mistakes Book

This book is designed to help entrepreneurs avoid business killing legal mistakes and make better legal business decisions for their small businesses. Please call us if you have a specific legal question about your Florida business. Our law firm is located in Orlando, Florida.

10 Business Killing Legal Mistakes Book

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Avoid the 10 biggest and most costly legal mistakes made by entrepreneurs!

Whether you're a budding entrepreneur or a seasoned business veteran, this book will help you make better legal decisions to protect and grow your business.

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Many attorneys work with entrepreneurs. Very few ARE entrepreneurs and able to understand the challenges of starting and growing a business. Ed Alexander is a very rare attorney who is equally a talented lawyer, successful entrepreneur, skilled engineer and effective teacher. In addition to building a successful law practice following a successful career in industry, Ed has been an adjunct instructor in the UCF College of Business Administration for many years and taught classes for the UCF Incubation Program. Ed is at the top of our referral list for Incubator clients. We trust him. Our clients respect and appreciate him. This book will become part of our orientation package for new Incubator client companies. The insights shared in it are that important.

Carol Ann Dykes, Site Manager | UCF Business Incubator | Central Florida Research Park

As an experienced entrepreneur and attorney, Ed Alexander has seen it all, so there is something in this book for everyone

Jerry Ross | Executive Director | Disney Entrepreneur Center

Business owners beware. You’re making mistakes that are taking money out of your pocket… problem is our brains don’t work in a way that allows us to uncover these mistakes. Enter Ed. He can see the mistakes we can’t see. He’s unlike a normal attorney… he’s a deal maker not a deal killer and in this book, Ed pulls back the curtain and makes law something we can actually understand and reveals things that could be costing you thousands. It’s a must read if you want to make more money and keep more of the money you already make.

Jimmy Vee & Travis Miller | Bestselling authors of Gravitational Marketing | The Science of Attracting Customers


Testimonials for the Book

Chapter One - Contract Mistakes

Chapter Two – Partnership Mistakes

Chapter Three – Liability & Asset Protection Mistakes

Chapter Four – Trademark Mistakes

Chapter Five – Employee Mistakes

Chapter Six – Employee Becoming a Partner Mistakes

Chapter Seven – Franchise Buyer Mistakes

Chapter Eight – Business Growth Mistakes – Organic Growth

Chapter Nine – Business Growth Mistakes – Growth by Business Acquisition

Chapter Ten – Exit Planning Mistakes

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